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Multimedia 1-day Workshop Using Tildee

Video to open the workshop

Multimedia Tools - Windows Live Movie Maker, i-Movie, Photo Story 3, Animoto, Kizoa, Creaza

Choose one and create a step-by-step procedure handout for that program. You can find one on the Internet - make sure the tutorial has screen shots.

Create a Screenr tutorial for the program you chose: Example: Lino.it, Wix, Bibme,

Have the participants create a Draggo or Pinterest with the following multimedia topics: Image Sites, Video Sites, Audio Sites, Multimedia Tool Sites. Create a Portaportal example.

Teach how to create a Pinterest and how to pin and repin.

Create a Scavenger Hunt for Multimedia - 15 sites


1. Have participants view Technology Conference Sites

ISTE 2013

ISTE 2012

ISTE 2012

2. Journal Sites - have them view EDUDEMIC Connecting Education and Technology and report on a topic**

3. Have them view Multimedia Tutorial Videos - list the sites and the URL

Create an online survey (10 questions) using Survey Monkey for the participants